Reasons to Opt For HTML To WordPress Conversion

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HTML websites are cross-browser compatible and fully-functional, but often it is recommended that you must opt for conversion process. In fact, many business owners are opting for HTML to WordPress conversion. But, what is the reason that prompts website owners to go for such conversion process? The web world is experiencing rapid changes taking place in the world of digital media. Moreover, your business website alone is not enough to ensure your web success. Rather you need to have a website that meets several bespoke and customized – so as to meet the varying trends of your business domain and your customers’ needs. All such reasons demand you to go for HTML to WordPress conversion.

With passing time, businesses are increasingly opting for websites that are developed using a content management system (CMS). That’s because a CMS website empowers business owners to make minor edits to their site, without waiting to get some technical help from a webmaster, which not only saves businesses substantial amount of time but also spare them from spending additional money to obtain maintenance services. Not to mention almost every CMS is an excellent tool that can be utilized to build websites, owing to their rich-set of features and user interface. But WordPress is the most user-friendly CMS in existence in the present times and working with a WP admin panel is easier compared to any other CMS.

WordPress is an excellent web development framework having the wherewithal required to manage the website with ease. Let’s run through a certain reasons that will lend you with clear understanding as to – why you should choose to Convert HTML Site to WordPress?

  • Attaining high search engine ranking can take your business to a whole new level in today’s digital world. WordPress allows search engines such as Google to acquire data effortlessly and thereby ensure you to achieve a higher rank on the search engine pages (SERPs). What Else? According to a study, a WordPress site demands 50% less effort as opposed to a HTML site – in attaining higher ranking on the SERP. This is because, WordPress straightforward and neat coding attracts search engine crawlers easily which in turn, make your site rank higher.

  • HTML websites are simple but pretty frail when it comes to making customizations. WordPress websites, on the other hand, are highly interactive and can be easily customized in accordance with your needs. What’s more, a WP powered site consists of several scalable features and functionality.

  • In order to work with an HTML site, you ought to have technical expertise about some editing program like Dream Weaver. But learning Dream Weaver is not easy as you can find various books giving information about the editing software program. Besides, it can take months to become skilled at using Dream Weaver. Conversely, WordPress is pretty easy to understand and just by going through a few tutorials you can make changes to your website content, in real-time.

  • WordPress comes with in-built plugins that helps to make a site search engine optimized. However, in order to make a HTML site search engine optimized requires to write SEO-friendly HTML code, which can be a time-consuming process. So, if you also want to take benefits of search engine optimization you must Convert HTML to Wordpress Theme.

Today you can easily find plenty of automated software over the web that helps in converting your HTML website to a WordPress powered site. But using such software might not provide you with an ideal conversion process. So, if you wish to have a pixel-perfect website design and want your site to have features such as cross-browser compatibility and search engine optimization, a viable option is to opt for manual conversion of HTML to WordPress theme provided by some professional conversion service provider.

In case you have been considering about converting your HTML site to WordPress, it is advisable that you must read the aforesaid benefits that the conversion process offers. Once, the conversion is done you can have the complete control of your WordPress user-interface and can use the same to make edits into your site or even extend some existing functionality.

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Reasons to Opt For HTML To WordPress Conversion

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This article was published on 2014/03/13